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Faster And Easier

The RV-PRO 360 is the perfect tool for sewer cleaning professionals. It provides a clear view of what is happening inside a sewer line. This can help professionals to identify the cause of a clog or blockage, determine the best way to clear the line, and even provide a record of the inspection for future reference.

One of the major benefits of the RV-PRO 360 is its ability to allow a single, unspecialized operator to inspect up to 80 sewer lines per day. This increases efficiency and saves time and money compared to the traditional method of sending operators for a direct visual inspection.

In addition, the full sphere of 360° video data captured during the inspection can be shared with external analysts, rather than being analyzed onsite by the camera operator. This further speeds up the inspection process and allows for more cost-effective and efficient sewer cleaning.

Overall, the RV-PRO 360 is a valuable asset for professionals working in the sewer cleaning industry, providing a quick, efficient, and cost-effective way to inspect and maintain sewer lines.

costs and impact on traffic are greatly reduced

By utilizing the RV-PRO 360 sewer inspection camera instead of sending operators for direct visual inspection, sewer cleaning professionals can save time and reduce the impact on traffic.

The camera’s advanced technology allows for quicker inspections and reduced encoding time, ultimately leading to lower inspection costs and the ability to clean more sewer lines per hour or day. This innovative tool streamlines the sewer cleaning process, making it more efficient and cost-effective for professionals in the industry.

RinnoVision now provides the option of remotely coding sewer inspection videos captured using the RV-PRO 360 in accordance with NASSCO standards. This allows contractors to receive payment from their clients at a faster rate and also grants them increased flexibility without the need to invest in training and maintaining a dedicated internal team for this task.

We offer remote coding!

Get your videos professionally coded to NASSCO standards

About Rinnovision

RinnoVision is a Canadian company founded by underground infrastructure inspection professionals to meet specific needs in day-to-day operations. The reality of an increasingly competitive market sector, coupled with labour shortages, inspired RinnoVision to develop products that significantly improve the efficiency, time savings, safety and profitability of inspection operations.

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“With the acquisition of the RV-PRO 360, we have won all along the line. Ease of use and all the accessories suited for multiple uses. A clear, 360 degree image in a single shot. The inspection time has been reduced a lot and the analysis of the videos has become much easier due to the sharpness of the image.”

Cédric Fougères, Ville de Montréal

We are satisfied with its performance. Among other things, the RV-PRO 360 kit allowed us to discover that an element everyone thought was an AP was in fact a technical void under an old silo. The space was much larger than an underground chamber and the images were of good quality without additional lighting. With the kit, the inspection of this technical space was possible without having to take confined space entry procedures.

Gaétan Caron, GDI Géoradar Détection

Simple and easy to use. The RV-PRO 360 has been a great addition to our maintenance operations.

Scott Tam, C.E.T., EP, City of Timmins

“Our company is happy to recommend the RinnoVision RV-PRO 360 as an excellent manhole inspection camera system.  We have utilized these cameras to speedily and efficiently perform inspections on thousands of manholes.  The quality of video along with the reliability and ease operation of these units have proven to be the favorite amongst our crews. The RV-PRO 360 is a great company asset that allows us to produce a high quality end product for our customers while remaining very competitive and productive.”

Dave Gonyea, C3 Mainline Inspections Inc.


1. What is sewer cleaning?

Sewer cleaning is the process of cleaning out and maintaining the sewer lines, which are the pipes that carry waste water away from your home or business to the city’s main sewer system. These pipes can become clogged with debris such as grease, hair, and other waste, which can cause blockages and prevent the water from flowing properly. Sewer cleaning services can help clear these blockages and ensure that the sewer system is functioning properly.

Professional plumbing services will typically use a variety of tools and machines to clean the sewer lines, including high-pressure water jets and air blasters. These tools can help to loosen and remove debris from the pipes, allowing water to flow freely again. In addition to using these tools, professional plumbers may also perform an inspection of the sewer lines to identify any potential issues and recommend any necessary repairs.

If you are experiencing issues with your sewer system, it is important to call a professional sewer cleaning service as soon as possible. They can help to quickly and effectively clear any blockages and restore your plumbing to proper functioning. A team of experienced professionals with the right tools and equipment can help to prevent further issues and ensure that your sewer system is functioning properly. In the event of an emergency, such as a backed up sewer line, it is especially important to call a professional service as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your home or business.

2. What are the methods of cleaning the sewer?

There are several methods of cleaning the sewer that can be used by professional plumbing services. One common method is using a drain cleaning tool, such as a snake or auger, to clear blockages in the pipes. These tools can be purchased or rented from a plumbing service or hardware store and can be used to remove debris, such as hair or grease, that has accumulated in the drain lines.

Another method of cleaning the sewer is using high pressure water to flush out the pipes. This is often done by a professional plumbing service using specialized equipment, such as a hydro jet machine. The high pressure water is able to break up and remove any debris or blockages in the sewer lines, leaving them clean and clear.

In some cases, it may be necessary to use air to clear clogged sewers. This can be done using a device called an air compressor, which is typically operated by a professional plumbing service. The air is able to force debris out of the pipes, helping to clear blockages and restore proper flow in the sewer system.

In addition to these methods, regular inspections and maintenance of the sewer system can help prevent blockages and other issues from occurring. This can include cleaning out debris from the sewer lines, or drain cleaning, and checking for any damage or problems in the pipes. If a problem is found, a professional plumbing service can provide emergency services to address the issue and get the sewer system working properly again.

Overall, it is important to call a professional plumbing service to handle the cleaning and maintenance of the sewer system. These professionals have the experience and specialized tools and equipment needed to effectively clean and clear the sewers, ensuring that the system is functioning properly and efficiently.

3. Why do I need an inspection camera for sewer cleaning?

Address blockages efficiently

An inspection camera like the RV-PRO 360 is a crucial tool for sewer cleaning because it allows the cleaning team to effectively and efficiently identify and address blockages and clogged drains. Without an inspection camera, it can be difficult to accurately assess the cause of a sewer blockage, leading to longer and more complex cleaning processes.

Having an inspection camera allows the cleaning team to quickly and easily locate the source of the blockage, whether it be a build-up of debris or a broken pipe. This helps to streamline the cleaning process, ensuring that the sewer is properly cleared in a timely manner.

Identify problems before they become worse

In addition, an inspection camera can be used to identify any potential problems within the sewer system before they become more serious issues. For example, if a small crack is detected within a pipe, the cleaning team can quickly address the issue before it leads to a larger, more costly repair. This proactive approach to maintenance can help to save the city money in the long run, as well as reducing the risk of costly emergency repairs.

Overall, an inspection camera is a valuable tool for sewer cleaning because it allows the cleaning team to accurately assess and address blockages and other issues within the sewer system. Whether it is a routine cleaning or an emergency situation, an inspection camera is a crucial piece of equipment that can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning process. If you are in need of sewer cleaning services, it is important to choose a team that has experience using an inspection camera, as this will ensure that your sewers are thoroughly and accurately cleaned.

If you have any concerns about the condition of your sewers, don’t hesitate to call a professional cleaning team to assess the situation and provide the necessary services to keep your sewers functioning properly.