RinnoVision: A Game-Changing Sewer Inspection and Pipeline Inspection Camera

Sewer and pipeline inspection jobs are some of the most sophisticated, time-consuming, and not to mention, dangerous jobs out there. That’s where RinnoVision offers a breath of fresh air, giving you and your business the much-needed efficiency and the chance to evolve.

What is RinnoVision?

RinnoVision is a Canadian company focusing on making manhole and confined space inspections more accessible and efficient for cities, contractors, and factories.

Our flagship product, the RV-Pro 360 sewer inspection & pipeline inspection camera, benefits such inspections in various ways. It allows for more frequent and thorough assessments of critical infrastructure while reducing risks to personnel. RinnoVision enhances infrastructure maintenance and safety practices by leveraging technology and innovation.

RVPro360 FieldWork

Why use our sewer inspection camera?

A sewer inspection camera is valuable for you as a sewer technician, as it offers a clear view of sewer lines and their conditions. Its utility spans several critical purposes. It also provides peace of mind to sewer system maintenance workers. The conventional method of deploying operators for direct visual inspections of sewer systems has become increasingly costly, particularly for municipalities seeking more cost-effective alternatives.

And how does RinnoVision chip in? Well, with the RinnoVision Sewer Inspection Camera, you can inspect up to 80 sewer lines in a single day, even if you are an unspecialized operator. 

The RinnoVision sewer inspection camera captures 360° video data during inspections, which can be shared with external analysts instead of on-site analysis, saving time and money. This reduces the impact on traffic and encoding time, lowering inspection costs and increasing inspection rates. RinnoVision offers remote video coding according to NASSCO standards, ensuring faster payments to contractors and scalability without needing dedicated in-house resources.

Why You Should Consider Using a Pipeline Inspection Camera

The RinnoVision pipe inspection camera is a compact, portable device that travels through a small pipe opening. Its primary purpose is to provide visual access to the pipe's interior, capturing photos or video footage. This versatile tool serves multiple purposes, including detecting leaks, assessing damage, and identifying blockages. It is also instrumental in locating objects that may have inadvertently entered the pipe.

The RinnoVision pipeline inspection camera revolutionizes pipe system inspections, streamlining the process with reduced personnel requirements. Furthermore, it introduces efficiency by enabling sharing of the entire 360° video dataset with external analysts post-inspection, eliminating the need for on-site analysis. This accelerated inspection process translates to significant time and cost savings.

How the RV-Pro 360 Can Evolve Your Business

In 2020, RinnoVision introduced its inaugural product, the RV-PRO 360 manhole inspection camera, which has gained traction among numerous cities and contractors. Ville de Montreal, Ottawa, Oxford County, and Georadar Detection are among their top clients.

This groundbreaking innovation empowers you to double your daily manhole, sewer, & pipeline inspections compared to any other existing product while being remarkably cost-effective. It also marks the beginning of a series of upcoming products to revolutionize underground infrastructure inspection practices. These advancements let you conduct inspections with increased speed, efficiency, and safety.

HD Virtual Reality Camera

The HD virtual reality camera offers real-time visuals from inside the sewer or pipeline being inspected. You can smoothly control the camera from the surface, rotate, zoom in, and zoom out, all with the tip of your fingers. Very convenient for inspecting those hard-to-reach places.

Powerful LED light

The camera comes with a powerful 3300-lumen LED light. In terms of brightness, it is similar to a high-end halogen headlight of a car. And with a 50,000 hours+ lifespan, you won't have to worry about the light suddenly dying on you.

High-quality Corrosion Resistant Materials

Optimized for frequent inspections in toxic and corrosive environments. Such design helps reduce and avoid health hazards significantly.  Particularly suitable for sewer inspections.

Impact and Cold Weather Resistant Design

Designed to withstand falls, bumps, and impacts. Resists cold weather, letting you work undisturbed. The impact resistance also comes in handy in narrow pipeline inspections.

9 Meter Telescopic Pole

The telescopic pole with the camera can extend up to 9 meters (close to 30 feet). Especially useful for deep and narrow pipeline inspections.

Wireless Technology

You can easily control the camera from a safe distance on the surface. Being wireless, it also saves you from the hassle of entangling cables.

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