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camera for sewer inspection

Faster And Easier Pipe & Sewer Inpections

A pipe inspection camera is a small, portable camera that is inserted into the pipe through a small opening. This sewer  is used to view the inside of the pipe and take pictures or video. This tool can be used to inspect pipes for a variety of reasons, such as to check for leaks, damage, or blockages. A pipe inspection camera can also be used to locate objects that have fallen into the pipe.

The traditional method of sending operators for a direct visual inspection of a pipe comes to a price. And for towns and cities, who need to inspect their pipe system frequently, more cost-effective solutions need to be found.

With this pipe and sewer inspection camera, you can perform a complete inspection of your pipe system, while requiring far fewer people to conduct the project.

As the camera is equiped with adjustable LED lights that illuminate hard to reach inspection areas, inspection in dark environments gets much clearer.

Additionally, instead of requiring the camera operator to examine data on-site, the comprehensive data captured during the pipeline inspection can be shared with external analysts afterward. This approach to inspection allows for a speedier process, helping to save both time and money.

costs and impact on traffic are greatly reduced

As the examination is quicker with RV Max 360 inspection camera than when sending operators in for direct visual inspection, you lessen the impact on traffic.

Additionally, encoding time is cut down, cutting pipe inspection costs and increasing the number of pipes inspected each hour/day.

Moreover, RinnoVision now provides remote coding of pipe inspection recordings in accordance with the NASSCO standards, enabling contractors to receive payment from their clients more quickly and giving them greater capacity without having to hire, train, and maintain a specific internal resource for this job.

We offer remote coding!

Get your videos professionally coded to NASSCO standards

About Rinnovision

RinnoVision is a Canadian company founded by underground infrastructure inspection professionals to meet specific needs in day-to-day operations. The reality of an increasingly competitive market sector, coupled with labour shortages, inspired RinnoVision to develop products that significantly improve the efficiency, time savings, safety and profitability of inspection operations.

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“With the acquisition of the RV-PRO 360, we have won all along the line. Ease of use and all the accessories suited for multiple uses. A clear, 360 degree image in a single shot. The inspection time has been reduced a lot and the analysis of the videos has become much easier due to the sharpness of the image.”

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Cédric Fougères, Ville de Montréal

We are satisfied with its performance. Among other things, the RV-PRO 360 kit allowed us to discover that an element everyone thought was an AP was in fact a technical void under an old silo. The space was much larger than an underground chamber and the images were of good quality without additional lighting. With the kit, the inspection of this technical space was possible without having to take confined space entry procedures.

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Gaétan Caron, GDI Géoradar Détection

Simple and easy to use. The RV-PRO 360 has been a great addition to our maintenance operations.

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Scott Tam, C.E.T., EP, City of Timmins

“Our company is happy to recommend the RinnoVision RV-PRO 360 as an excellent manhole inspection camera system.  We have utilized these cameras to speedily and efficiently perform inspections on thousands of manholes.  The quality of video along with the reliability and ease operation of these units have proven to be the favorite amongst our crews. The RV-PRO 360 is a great company asset that allows us to produce a high quality end product for our customers while remaining very competitive and productive.”

Photo of client

Dave Gonyea, C3 Mainline Inspections Inc.

“I am blown away with RinnoVision. I get the best inspections now. I am in the business of manhole rehab and now I can have a clear picture of the before and after like never before.”

Photo of client

Horacio Franco, H & R Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, Inc.

“The RV-PRO 360 has been a great tool to help us save valuable time and money on job sites while also significantly improving our operators’ efficiency.”

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Kevin Hastings, Video Inspection Specialists

“Metriplus is a supplier with whom we've been doing business for several years. Their flexibility, proactivity, availability and willingness to solve our problems are certainly strengths I can attribute to them.”

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Gustavo Costa Lages, Abb


1. What is a pipe inspection camera?

A pipe inspection camera is a specialized device used to visually inspect the interior of pipes and conduits. It consists of a self-leveling, small camera head attached to a flexible cable or robotic crawler that can be inserted into the pipe to capture high-resolution images or videos.

2. How does a pipe inspection camera work?

A digital inspection camera is inserted into the pipe through an access point. The camera transmits real-time images or videos to a monitor, a screen or a handheld device, allowing the operator to view the condition of the pipe, identify any issues or damages, and assess the need for repairs or maintenance.

3. What are the benefits of using a pipe inspection camera?

Using a pipe inspection camera offers several advantages. It provides a fast and accurate visual assessment of the pipe's interior, helping to detect issues such as cracks, leaks, blockages, corrosion, root intrusions, or other defects. It allows for targeted repairs, reducing unnecessary digging or excavation. It also aids in preventative maintenance and ensures efficient flow within the pipe system.

4. What types of pipes can be inspected with a pipe inspection camera?

A pipe and sewer inspection camera can be used to inspect various types of pipes, including sewer lines, water wells, plumbing systems, industrial pipelines, gas pipes, chimney, ducts, manholes, borehole and underground drain pipes. It is suitable for pipes of different materials such as PVC, cast iron, concrete, clay, or steel.

5. Who uses pipe inspection cameras?

Pipe inspection cameras are utilized by professionals in various industries, including plumbing, construction, engineering, municipal authorities, maintenance and repair services, and environmental services. These borescope cameras are employed for routine inspections, troubleshooting, maintenance planning, and assessing the condition of pipe networks for both residential and commercial applications.