Meet the new RV-mAX 360 Inspection camera: next level of efficiency

RV-max 360 camera
Meet The RV-MAX 360

Introducing our latest innovation in the world of manhole inspection cameras – the ultimate tool to enhance your underground inspections! Our new camera boasts cutting-edge functionalities that is set to revolutionize the way you approach inspections. With an upgraded high-definition sensor, this camera delivers crystal-clear, high-resolution videos, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed.

Enhanced Inspection Functionalities To Optimize Your Workflow

  • Efficient data entry
  • Flexible light modes
  • Embedded GPS
  • Intuitive software
  • Live streaming available during recording
  • compatible with most NASSCO software
RinnoVision - RV-MAX 360 inspection camera

Enhanced Inspection Functionalities To Optimize Your Workflow

  • Six light modes for optimal illumination on all enclosure sizes
  • Get a 360-degree 4k video image
  • Georeference each inspection using the embedded GPS
  • Lightning-fast embedded Wi-Fi hotspot for data transfer
  • IP68-based water & dust resistant design
  • Avoid hazardous confined space entries

Keep Things Clean & Simple By Streamlining Your Inspection Process

  • Intuitive and user-friendly user interface
  • Set file names before each inspection for easy identification
  • Pre-enter NASSCO fields to cut office work time to a minimum
  • Simple video transfer from the RV-MAX 360 to the office or truck computer
  • Visualize the video in 4k directly from the RinnoView interface
  • Get a live video feed while recording videos
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RinnoVision - RinnoView remote coding solution

RV-mAX 360

RV- pRO 360

Fast (3-5 minutes / manhole)
Fast (3-5 minutes / manhole)
Efficient (1 operator required)
Efficient (1 operator required)
High Resolution 360° video
High Resolution 360° video
Set file name
Cannot set file name
Set NASSCO fields
Cannot set NASSCO Fields
Directly save to MP4
Manually convert videos to MP4
6 light modes
Single light mode
RV-MAX 360



Sewer & Water

Inspect manholes, catch basins and other sewer & aqueduct-related confined spaces fast and efficiently to ensure a proper condition assessment program and optimal resource allocation.


Inspect bridges, elevator shafts, storage tanks and various other types of confined spaces in a breeze while maintaining the operators’ safety.




Inspect mineshafts, crushers and other confined spaces without disturbing the regular operations with the most efficient confined space inspection cameras on the market.

manufacturing industrial

Inspect smokestacks, storage silos, casting molds, furnaces and more in high resolution to flag any potential maintenance issues while keeping your operators safe and sound.




Inspect cargo space, double bottoms, cofferdams, boilers and more without having to do any confined space entry procedures, saving precious time and resources.

We offer remote coding!

Get your videos professionally coded to NASSCO standards

About Rinnovision

RinnoVision is a Canadian company founded by underground infrastructure inspection professionals to meet specific needs in day-to-day operations. The reality of an increasingly competitive market sector, coupled with labour shortages, inspired RinnoVision to develop products that significantly improve the efficiency, time savings, safety and profitability of inspection operations.

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